The Top 3 Habits of Exceptional Leaders

At the head of every great country, there is a great leader. Somebody to guide it through times of strife, someone to safeguard it from threats both internal and external. A country is only as great as its leader, but conversely, a leader is only as great as their country.

Let’s take a look at what the largest leaders in history did to make them the most major leaders in history.

1. Be Courageous

Even the most cunning plot, the most efficient battle strategy, the most ingenious plan will fall short of the mark if the one who thought it up has not the courage to enact it.

Similarly, any group they are in charge of will crash and burn like the Hindenburg if they have not the courage to point out a bad idea when they see it.

Leaders need to be able to make right decisions, but they must also be able to make hard and challenging decisions while watching over the good of those they care for. They must be able to weather any hardships that come their way; they must be able to state with absolute certainty that what they are ordering will work if they only stay the course.

Leaders must have courage to the ones they command, but they must also have courage to themselves. They must be able to look adversity straight in the eye and grin as they feel the challenge of the task ahead roll over them.

2. Communicate

Communication is one of the fundamentals of leadership. If a leader isn’t able to communicate what needs to get done, how will it get done? And even if they do manage to tell those they are ordering what needs to happen, a leader needs to know how much detail to convey. If they don’t tell how the thing needs to get done, they might leave out some detail of great importance.

Even worse, they might leave out something that will open someone up to danger. When proper safety is failed to be communicated, people lose morale, their limbs, and sometimes their lives.

Communication isn’t just the key to getting things done. It is the key to getting things done safely.

3. Be Generous

A great leader does not hog all the glory for themselves, for they know that without those that they worked with, there would be no glory for anybody.

A great leader will push those into the spotlight when they know they deserve it, and conversely, they will pull someone out of it when they know that person hasn’t earned it. A great leader will know when to keep themselves out of the spotlight, even if they are the only ones not in it because the glory does not belong to them.

On the opposite end, they will also know when to step into the spotlight themselves, for a leader that undervalues themselves is a leader that questions their orders. And we can’t have that.

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And there you have it, three covenants of a great leader. Endeavor to adopt these principles into your life if you actually wish to be as great and wise as you see yourself to be when you close your eyes.